Erasing the Asian

Netflix recently unveiled the trailer for their upcoming film Death Note, a live action adaptation of the manga/anime series of the same name. Written by Tsugumi Ohba, the Death Note series is well loved in the anime/manga community. The main character is named Light Yagami, the quintessential example of the perfect high school kid. Smart, charming, attractive, A student, … Continue reading Erasing the Asian


On Brainstorming

I sometimes have an issue with figuring out what I want to write when I don’t have a prompt to follow. Sometimes it’s due to lack of any ideas, other times it’s because I have too many. One thing that can really help is to jot everything down, regardless of density or how invested I … Continue reading On Brainstorming


In an upcoming run of Totally Awesome Hulk, Amadeus Cho aka The Hulk, will be teaming up with other Asian-American superheroes for an epic story the likes of which I never thought I would see in my lifetime. The story will feature Amadeus Cho as The Hulk, Cindy Moon as Silk, Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, alongside … Continue reading I-Hero